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Baseballs - These are top quality baseballs at great prices.  The NFHS baseballs are the most popular game ball we sell.  It has a top grain leather cover and NFHS stamp we have sold thousands of dozens of these over the years and have had great luck with them.  The Official League baseball is built to the the exact same specs as the NFHS stamped ball just without the NFHS stamp.  The economy high school  ball is NFHS approved.  It has the exact same guts as the higher end ball but a less expensive leather cover, it is great for high school teams without a large budget.  Our BP ball holds up well for high school batting practice, it has wound cushioned cork center.  Softballs - Both models have a poly core and are NFHS approved.  These are both great softballs and we have had a rough time keeping up with demand so order early.


High School BP / Youth Game Ball
Cushioned Cork Center
 Official League
Youth Game Balls /
High School Batting Practice Baseballs

AP100NF/Baseballs - More Info

BP Baseball Features:
  • Leather Cover
  • Raised Seams
  • Cushioned Cork Pill
  • Grey Wound Center
  • Official Size & Weight
  • Official League Stamped

Our Price:
$28.90dz - $30.90dz



Official League
Cushioned Cork Center
Official League
Game Balls

AP100NF/Baseballs - More Info

Official League Features:
  • Top Grain Leather Cover
  • Raised Seams
  • Cushioned Cork Pill
  • Grey Wound Center
  • Official Size & Weight
  • Official League Stamped

Our Price:
$42.90dz - $45.90dz



NFHS Softballs

NFHS - Approved Softballs
High School Game Balls
AP100NF/Baseballs - More Info

NFHS Softballs Features:
Your Choice Leather Cover or Textured Synthetic Cover
  • Raised Seams
  • Poly Core Center
  • Official Size & Weight
  • 12" / .47 C.O.R / 375 Compression
  • NFHS Stamped

Our Price:
$39.90dz - $55.90dz

NFHS Baseballs









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