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These are top quality baseballs at great prices.  Why are the prices so good?  Because you are buying them direct from the importer.  The AP100 and the AP100-NF are the same ball the only difference is the NFHS stamp.   If they are good enough for the NFHS they are good enough for you.
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Custom Baseball Gloves - Glovesmith
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is a Glovesmith Inc. official retailer. We specialize custom gloves but also stock the full line of Glovesmith stock gloves.

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We offer American Pro baseballs.  Top quality baseballs at great prices.

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NFHS Stamped


Raised Seams
Poly Core Center
12" 47 C.O.R 375lbs Compression
NFHS Stamped
NFHS Baseballs


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Leather Cover

    1dz - $49.90dz $49.90 $14.00 $63.90
    2dz - $49.90dz $99.80 $14.00 $113.80
    6dz - $44.90dz - best value $269.40 $20.00 $289.40

Textured Synthetic Cover

    1dz - $39.90dz $39.90 $14.00 $53.90
    2dz - $39.90dz $79.80 $14.00 $93.80
    6dz - $34.90dz - best value $209.40 $20.00 $229.40

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