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Custom Baseball Gloves - Glovesmith
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is a Glovesmith Inc. official retailer. We specialize in custom gloves but also stock the full line of Glovesmith stock gloves.


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Replacement Webs
We sell replacement webs for baseball and softball gloves.  At the very least we need to know how long you want this web to be but the more information we get the better.  Webs are made to order and will ship within a couple days of ordering.  Below are some basic pictures of the webs we offer.  We do not take web orders over the phone please use the Replacement Web Order form at the bottom of the page.  This is a custom made product and we do not accept returns or exchanges unless we error in keeping to the specs you submitted.

Web Designs
I-X Web Dual Post H Web Dual Post H Web Dual Post H Web
4.75" is as large as you can go for use with a baseball
Dual Post - 4 Hole
Used in a 14 hole lace pattern.  Also best choice for 18 hole lace pattern.

Dual Post - 6 Hole
Used in a 16 hole lace pattern.
Dual Post - No Base
Please let us know the space between top bar and mid bar
Dual Post H Web Single Post H Web with no Base Single Post H Web with no Base Single Post H Web
Dual Post - Dual Bar
Single Post W/ No Base
Please let us know the space between top bar and mid bar
Single Post w/ no Base - 1
Please let us know the space between top bar and mid bar
Single Post - 4 Hole Base
Single Post Web Modified Trap Web I-Trap Web Single Post Trap Web

Single Post - 4 Hole Base - 1

I-Trap - 2.25" wide
Single-Post Trap
One-Piece Web Catcher's Mitt Web Web Base Instagram
Check Instagram for More

Small L-3.75" X W-4.25"
Large L-4.25" X W-4.5"
If you are turning this into a 2-Piece Web please let us know if it is a 12 or 14 hole lace pattern.
The above sizes can not be altered.

Catcher's Mitt
 4 Hole Bottom
 L-3 3/4" X W-4 3/4"
3 Hole Bottom - not shown
 L-3" X W-5"
The above sizes can not be altered.

Add on Base
 S-1.75", M-2.0", L-2.25" XL-2.5"XXL-2.75"



Web Leather Colors

Dura-Tanned Leather

Bomber Gray
Oil Tanned Leather

Dura-Tanned Leather

Dura-Tanned Leather

Dura-Tanned Leather

Ox Blood
Oil Tanned Leather

Dura-Tanned Leather

Royal Blue
Dura-Tanned Leather

Light Dodger Blue
Dura-Tanned Leather

Dura-Tanned Leather

Dura-Tanned Leather

Dura-Tanned Leather

Dura-Tanned Leather
Dura-Tanned Leather
Navy Blue - new
Dura-Tanned Leather
Yellow Gold
Dura-Tanned Leather

Metallic Gold - new
Dura-Tanned Leather

Metallic Silver - new
Dura-Tanned Leather
Orange Tan - new
Dura-Tanned Leather
Dark Tan - new
Dura-Tanned Leather
Replacement Web Order Form
Web Design:  
Thread Color:  
What size glove is web for:  
Length you want new web
to be in inches:

If applicable to your web please tell us the widths you want your new web to be.

Width you want Top Bar
in inches:
Width you want Mid Bar
in inches:
Width you want Base
in inches:
Shipping Options: USPS First Class - Free
  USPS Priority Mail - $6.00
  USPS International First Class - $9.00

The more information we have the better:

Anything Else?
Please let us know.



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