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Thumb Loops - Internet Pricing Only
Our thumb loops are skived and sewn so the edge is finished.  2 holes are punched so the thumb loop can be laced into the glove.  Our little finger loops are also skived and sewn so the edge is finished.  1 hole is punched so it can laced into the glove.

Thumb Loop & Little Finger Loop Set
1 each - Thumb loop & Little Finger Loop
Loop Colors - Black, Tan, Blue, Chocolate, Dark Tan, Gray, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow Gold

Right hand throw
  Right Hand
Left hand throw
Bulk Thumb Loops
Loop Colors - Black & Tan
Right hand thumb loops can also be used as little finger loops
  6 pack thumb loops
5-Reg / 1-RH loop
  15 pack thumb loops
13-Reg / 2-RH loops
  30 pack thumb loops
26-Reg / 4-RH loops

Bulk Little Finger Loops
Loop Colors - Black & Tan

  9 pack LF loops
8-Reg / 1-RH loop
  20 pack LF loops
17-Reg / 3-RH loops
  40 pack LF loops
35-Reg / 5-RH loops

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  No tracking is sent on just the $10.00 loop set.  Tracking will be sent with all bulk loop purchases.


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